Choosing The Right Fabric for Your Loveseat Slipcover

Your sofa for two can last as long as possible with a slipcover. They are also an inexpensive way to transform the appearance of your loveseat. A loveseat slipcover is ideal in protecting your newly purchased piece of furniture from pets, children, and stains. The love seat slipcovers are available in readymade as well as custom made options with a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.  However, many buyers find themselves lost in a wide array of fabrics available for slipcovers. When out shopping for a slipcover, always remember that some fabric work well than others. Here are some of the best fabrics to consider for your loveseat slipcover.  
  • Cotton – a machine washable, light fabric is ideal for homes with pets and children. Cotton is also durable and can withhold to any wear and tear. It is available in assortment of colors and patterns to complement the décor of your room.
  • Twill – The fabric is a type of weave made from any fabric i.e. cotton, silk, polyester, fiber, etc. identified by the diagonal pattern. The weaving makes it both – durable and lightweight with an ability to stand up to repeated washings over the year.
Twill Slipcover  
  • Microfiber – A synthetic fabric created from a blend of polyester. The thick fabric is similar to suede in appearance but has excellent absorbing abilities.
Microfiber Slipcover  
  • Stretch – The stretchy fabric made from a blend of Lycra or spandex is perfect for those loveseats that come with a unique shape. The easy to clean fabric has the ability to stretch several times its size to perfectly shape any loveseat.
DCF 1.0
  • Linen – The soft texture of linen goes with the formal décor of any room. However, linen requires dry cleaning so it is not recommended to be used in rooms with children and pets.
Linen Slipcover  
  • Polyester Cotton Blend – One of the most popular types of fabrics for loveseat slipcovers, the polyester cotton blend is strong, lightweight, and durable as well as resistant to stains and wrinkles. The fabric is also available in wide range of colors and designs.
Polyester cotton blend   Wash ability is something you should always look for in a slipcover fabric especially if you are blessed with little feet – humans, canines, felines, etc. since dry cleaning is expensive, you should go for a fabric that can be easily thrown into the machine – sometimes even once a week. The fabric that you chose should not be too thick or too thin. It should also have the ability to move naturally with the sofa without affecting the natural upholstery of your loveseat.
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